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What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. A more eco-friendly alternative to both traditional heating fuel and natural gas, Bioheat® fuel can be used in existing home heating fuel systems. Bioheat® fuel is available right now and is currently offered in three tiers based on how much biodiesel is in the fuel:

  • Blends ranging from 2% to 5% biodiesel (B2–B5) are referred to as Bioheat® fuel.

  • Blends ranging from 5% to 20% biodiesel (B5–B20) are referred to as Bioheat Plus® fuel.

  • Blends with 20% biodiesel and above (B20+) are referred to as Bioheat Super Plus® fuel.

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