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         We got our start in 1937  with a single service station located on Main Street in Honesdale, by George Firmstone.  Over the years we have grown into one of the region’s largest, most reliable family owned oil companies.
         At the end of World War II, George’s brother Francis joined him in the business.  In 1947 they purchased the local petroleum holdings from the Atlantic Refining Company of Philadelphia.  With this purchase the company became an Atlantic branded Jobber/Distributor equipped with a bulk plant and warehouse.  The Firmstone Oil Company was on the move...
          Just north of Honesdale, Harry Balldinger started Lakewood Oil Company as a feed company in 1917. Mr. Balldinger was also diversifying his company by becoming a distributor of petroleum products refined and marketed by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (later becoming Exxon). 
         By 1964 George Firmstone’s sons, John and James took over the management of Firmstone Oil Company.  The brothers expanded the company’s branded wholesale gasoline distribution by supplying the small, rural gas stations that could be found in most towns and villages during this time.
          In the 1980’s Atlantic Richfield (now called ARCO), stopped marketing in the northeastern United States.  The Firmstone’s needed a brand.  On August 1, 1985, Firmstone Tire & Auto Service Station became a branded Exxon dealer for gasoline through an agreement with Lakewood Oil Company. The business relationship between Firmstone Oil and Lakewood Oil was formed. 
          Sadly, in 1994, John Firmstone passed away.  James took over sole management until his sons, Steven and Ronald, 2007 and 2001 respectively, joined the family business.  With the third generation of Firmstone’s joining the company, and Sally Shair Weiss, third generation owner of Lakewood, wanting to retire, further solidifying this long-standing friendship by purchasing Lakewood Oil seemed the next logical step.  Firmstone Lakewood Fuels was formed. Our coverage area and man power grew further with the purchase of Howe Oil, LLC (based in Lake Ariel).
        We now covers 7 counties in two states! Firmstone Lakewood Fuels operates 3 bulk storage plants (Lakewood, Honesdale and Milford), fueling a fleet of delivery trucks to keep our customer service reliable and prompt.  
        Over the years Firmstone Lakewood Fuels has maintained an active role in the community.  They are members of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) and Northeastern Pennsylvania Energy Marketers Association (NEPA-EMA)  They donate to local organizations such as Little League, Soccer Clubs, Boys Scouts of America and other various charities.  Firmstone's also stays involved with local charity organizations such as Treehab, the Salvation Army and others to help people in our community stay warm through the winter.

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